A breath of fresh air- Pentecost 2020

In the Feast of Pentecost “Air” plays a central role on all symbolisms proposed. Jesus breaths upon his Disciples. Wind fills the room in which the apostles were locked in. They all talk about this air that is being poured in and that fills the emptiness and moves out and replaces death with life, fear with courage, ignorance with knowledge. This act of breathing resonates with the same act of God when he breaths upon the clay that formed man and gave it life. Today we celebrate the new life that is being breathed upon the Apostles and through them to the rest of the Church. Even today The Father still is breathing the Holy Spirit into us so that we may partake in this New Life.

As Catholic Students we are moved by the Holy Spirit so to become this fresh air that gives new life around it. We are to call upon the Holy Spirit so that he may fill our movements and that through them he may bring about this fresh air of life. What makes this air fresh is that it is never still, it is always moving searching for new ways to bring about the Glory of God. The Holy Spirit brought about movement within the Apostles so that the stillness of the enclosed room was converted to a loud proclamation that changed hearths. We are also entrusted with this mission in our High Schools and Universities, that is to bring a change of hearth and breath in new life into all students that we encounter.

Fr. Sergio Fenech

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