Colloquium 2011

Confirmed participants to Colloquium 2011

Colloquium “Integral Education and Christian Faith”, is taking place from 8-14 March 2011 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The Colloquium is designed for members of the movements. This means that participants in the meeting should be actively involved in projects at national/local level or to be members of the national/local board of the movement.


  • To reinforce the students to be active participants in the society, school/university,their movements and the Church.
  • To empower the member movements to understand the importance and the role ofChristian faith in Integral Education and to promote it.


  • To acknowledge the key role of the movements on educational / political / social /cultural / religious spheres of their societies;
  • To analyze and reflect the Catholic Church teaching on Integral Education;
  • To analyze the tools that National movements should use to promote their role asactive actors of social transformation;
  • To emphasise on learning about social values and concepts such as mutual respect,identity, culture, religion, minorities, through intercultural learning process;
  • To reflect on national movements’ work, on promotion / recognition of Integraleducation;
  • To implement and transmit experience of intercultural learning on the realities andwork of National movements;
  • To raise awareness for self responsibility to the participants to act as multipliers intheir movements, transmitting and sharing the experience to the grass root level.

You can find in attachement the final timetable and a list of confirmed participants as of today.



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