European Committee 2011

European Committee 2011 to start in Corfu, Greece

The European Committee 2011 will take place during 13-18 September 2011 in Corfu, Greece. The participants are scheduled to arrive: Monday, 12 September in the afternoon or Tuesday, 13 September in the morning and to return: Monday, 19 September. The venue of the meeting is the Pastoral Center of Archdiocese of Corfu, Messonghi, Corfu.

The European Committee is the highest decision-making body of JECI-MIEC European Coordination. That is why it is going to be the Coordination’s most important assembly this year

This year the main focus of the Committee will be on the role and needs as National Movements, member of JECI-MIEC European Corodination.  We will also elect new leadership of the Coordination and finalise the Statutes (as decided in the last Committee).

The following full members confirmed their participation AKH Germany, JEC France, MKSU Malta, MCE Portugal, EKNE Greece, EKFE Greece and KSJ Germany while MUEC Catalunya, FUCI Italy, MSAC Italy and JEC Spain will be represented through delegation of vote. Also from the collaborating/correspondent members we will have present: ASTRU Romania, ATEITIS Lithuiania, OBNOVA Ukraine and KIK-Drum Bun Poland.

Among the confirmed participants we have International Team representatives of IMCS-Pax Romana, Mr. Mehul Dabhi, outgoing International President; IYCS, Ms. Loucille Alcala, outgoing Program Coordinator and Fr. Paul Tiga Zangre, International Chaplain 2007-2015; ICMICA-Pax Romana, Mr. Philipe Ledouble, vicepresident for Europe; YFJ-European Youth Forum, Mr. Falko Mohrs, Board Member; and Mr. Johan Vanhove, former President of JECI-MIEC European Coordination.

The candidate for European Coordinator 2012 (starting 1 October 2011 until 31 Decembre 2012) is Mr. Maximilian Niessen, nominated by KSJ Germany.

The candidates for Administration Board 2012 (starting 1 January 2012 until 31 January 2012) are (in the order of application): Ms. Laura Sopon, nominated by ASTRU Romania; Mr. Ryan Mercieca, nominated by MKSU Malta; Mr. Nuno Wemans, nominated by MCE Portugal and Ms. Romana Mysula, nominated by OBNOVA Ukraine.

Thanks to the administrative grant of the European Youth Foundation, the accommodation and food will be provided for by JECI-MIEC. However, the travelling costs will have to be covered by the national movements.

+EC2011 – Proposed Timetable

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