European Committee 2015

European Committee 2015 in Rome elects European Team 2016

From the 7th to 13th September the JECI-MIEC European Committee 2015 took place in Rome. Thanks to all the helping hands of FUCI and MSAC Italy everything around this meeting went perfectly and thanks to all the people attending it was a good work and a fruitful week.

EC2015 Rome (340) (Kopie)
The European Team 2016: (LH) Jan, Tina, Simon, Miriam and François (c) Photography by Johan Vanhove, 2015.

32 people from 14 different countries (including three guests and three internationals) participated this important event, brought in their perspectives, knowledge and competences and made this whole meeting very special.

We congratulate the new elected European Team 2016 being composed of Miriam Röcker (KSJ Germany), Tina Hocevar (Drustvo SKAM Slovenia), François Châtelier (JEC Luxembourg), Jan Szypulski (KIK Drum Bun, Poland) and Simon Fischer (AKH Germany), who is confirmed in his office.


Read now the impressions of Tina Hocevar (Drustvo SKAM Slovenia) from the European Committee 2015:


This years the European Committee was held in Rome from 7th to 13th of September. For me this was the first time to be an official delegate at the JECI-MIEC European Committee, so I was curious about how this week would be. And it turned out to be busy, a lot of reporting, co-deciding, seconding and also fun.

About the working part – firstly we have listened to member organizations’ updates on their work and there has been a lot of impressive work done by everyone. The European Team presented us what they have been doing, we went through the finances and we also made some plans for the next year. So there was a lot of work to do. Therefore, we spent all days in the conference room, which was not always easy, but we managed it successfully thanks to joint prayers, coffee breaks, Simon’s determination to work, Jacque’s fine music selection and overall good atmosphere created by the participants. We also had elections for the new European Team 2016 and I am happy to be part of that team. I am really looking forward to working with such great people (Jan, Simon, Miriam, Francois) and for the good of JECI-MIEC.

And about the fun part – getting to know all participants was fun and it was fun spending time with them. Johan had always some interesting stories to tell, Francois never forgot to put his thumbs up while taking a photo, Simon had serious working mood on, Mihaela can sing very good and she sang us very nicely during the closing Mass, Joao learned to never again make a bet with Jacques, Martin baught stones on auctions, Romana was all the time happy and spreading the good mood and more and more interesting and fun facts about the participants. We had social evenings (MO’s bazar, cultural bazar, talent show, etc.) and we had a city tour to explore the impressive history and beauties of Rome. Spending all this time together we became good friends and also developed some ideas for the future cooperation among MO’s. Together we have created memories that I’ll keep forever, because nice memories are ones to be remembered and not forgotten.

My overall impressions are very positive. Hosts and organizers made a special effort to organize the European Committee 2015 and they have done a great job. I came home full of new ideas, I have learned more about the JECI-MIEC and member organizations, I am impressed by the work of everyone, I have met great people that inspired me and I am really looking forward for the next European Committee!


God be with you,


Tina Hocevar


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