The creation of IYCS

The creation of the IYCS

During the International Commission from the 28th July till 5th August 1954 in Ukkel, Brussels, the representatives decided to change the structures and name to become officially the IYCS, The International Young Catholic Students, an international organisation that wanted to represent the catholic students in the whole world. The CIDI was transformed into the Secretariat of the IYCS. So, the CIDI and the International Commission of the YCS were between 1946 and 1954 the embryo of what give birth to the IYCS.

This creation of the IYCS was also the beginning of searching for the “Common Bases”, the struggle with the Vatican for recognition because no new catholic youth organisations were allowed since December 1950, the problems with the IMCS that already represented the university students, … .

Before 1954, the CIDI was Maynly a secretariat for mutual services and the work was focussed on the inside of the YCS. After 1954 the focus was on the outside world: the representation of the IYCS towards other movements and international organisations and expansion. In July 1956 the IYSC had already contacts with 58 movements in 35 countries.

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