New Year’s Eve Greetings – European Team 2012 in office

Dear colleagues and friends,


hereby we, the new European Team of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC, would like to send you our greetings for the new year 2012.


May the start into this year be as promising and advantageous as possible for all your aims at personal level as well as at the level of your organization(s). May God bless the work and efforts you all undertake to strengthen the Catholic students’ world in Europe!


For our European Coordination the beginning of the year 2012 bears a lot of chances and challenges to face. Among other recent developments in our daily work from the 1st of January 2012 onwards the European Team (= board) of our Coordination will be in office. That is why we hereby would like to briefly introduce us as European Team for the year 2012:


–          J. Maximilian Nießen ( European Coordinator since 1st October 2011 from KSJ Germany. In the third year of the Bachelor degree with the subjects Latin, Philosophy and Hebrew. Residing in Münster (Westf.).

–          Laura-Ioana Sopon ( European Team member from ASTRU-Cluj Romania. In the third year of Bachelor degree in Sociology. Residing in Cluj-Napoca.

–          Romana Mysula ( European Team member from AUCS “Obnova” Ukraine. Head of the International relations office at “Ternopil V. Hnatiuk National Pedagogical University”. Residing in Ternopil.

–          Nuno Wemans ( European Team member from MCE Portugal. In the first year of the Master degree in Medieval History. Residing in Lisbon.

–          Ryan Mercieca ( European Team member from MKSU Malta. M.A. in Diplomatic Studies; B.A. h.c. in Geography. Residing in Gozo.

All European Team members are coming from our national member organizations and have been elected during our European Committee 2011 in Corfu, Greece.



At this point we as new Team would also like to thank

–          Mihai Paul Floran. European Coordinator 2007-2011 from ASTRU-Cluj Romania.


–          Fani Freri. European Team member 2011 from EKNE Greece.

for their efforts and commitment as it regards our Coordination. Thank you!


Yours sincerely,


JECI-MIEC European Team 2012

ET 2012

(in this picture from left to right: Nuno Wemans, Laura-Ioana Sopon, Romana Mysula, J. Maximilian Nießen, Mihai Paul Floran, Fani Freri; Ryan Mercieca is missing on this picture.)

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