About Us

The European Coordination JECI-MIEC is a movement uniting European Catholic Student Organizations and working in direct connection with the two global organisations IYCS (International Youth of Catholic Students) and IMCS (International Movements of Catholic Students). As we are based in Paris we use the French abbreviations JECI and MIEC. Read more about our Members.

We are a platform to support our members regarding cooperation, cultural exchange and communication, encouraging and advertising joint activities, and sharing information. JECI-MIEC itself is connected and cooperating with other Networks and Organizations what allows its members´ voices to be transported to a wider european and global level. Read more About Us and our History

Our latest news and events

The current Team

Anna Holtkamp (Coordinator)



KSJ – Katholische Studierende Jugend

Carolina Carreira


MCE – Movimento Católico de Estudiantes

Francesco Fonte


FUCI – Federazione Universitaria Cattolica Italiana

Jonathan Pagel


KSJ – Katholische Studierende Jugend

Szymon Maszkiewics

KIK Drum Bun – Klubu Inteligencji Katolickiej

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