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On Saturday 16th of May at 15:00 CET we invite you to join our online discussion about the impact of Covid-19 in the National Movements.

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We are looking forward to discussing with you!

The Open and Empty Tomb

One of the images proposed to us in the Holy Scriptures during this feast day is the image of the open and empty tomb. This image is of great significance. The closed tomb is one of the symbols of death. Experiencing the moment of the closing of a tomb, especially after the burial of a loved one, is heart breaking. This act truly invokes in us the feeling of finality, the end. Yet as Christians we combine with these moments the image that is given to us, that of the open and empty tomb. The tomb that was also closed but reopened, that had a dead body in it but was there no more. The dead body was given life, The stone that blocked the tomb was removed, so that the story of Jesus Christ could continue. He rose from the dead he ascended into heaven and bestowed his Spirit upon us who believe in him and open our hearths to him. That is what we celebrate today in Easter Sunday.

This year the tomb may take several forms, not just as a vice or a sin that we are struggling with, the tomb today may be our house and the rock this virus that shocked the world to its core. Still what we celebrate today reminds us that everything has an end, and that even if this virus may kill the body, hinder our plans and stops our daily life. It may never hinder people from loving each other, from giving themselves to one another, from humanity to rise in the end of days. There is nothing that can separate us from what God already has given us, that is himself and his whole love. May we pray that even through these hard times, the time that we find ourselves closed in the tomb may we remember that also this tomb will be opened, and this body given back life.

Wish you a Blessed Easter

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

European Committee 2019

From the 22nd to the 24th of November, the European Committee 2019 has been held in Cologne, Germany. Many National movements have participated and they all share an atmosphere of collaboration and committment.

At this committee, there were taken decisions for the next steps of the Coordination and a new European Team has been elected together with a new European Chaplain, fr Sergio Fenech from Malta.

The European Team consists of 4 National Organisations:

MCE Portugal, FUCI Italy, JEC France, EKNE Greece.

In person, MCE is represented by Maria Correia, FUCI is again represented by Anna Miccolis (ET 2019), JEC France by Georg Henkel and EKNE by Eirini Freri who is elected European Coordinator.

The new European Team is looking forward to a year full of work and ideas, with the precious collaboration of the national and international movements, working all together as a network in order to accomplish the purposes of JECI-MIEC.

We express our gratitude to KSJ Germany for the preparations,to all the delegates, to the international teams, and our guests, Johan Vanhove, father Etienne Triaille and Maximilian Niessen for their precious contribution.

The European Teams 2019-2020

European Committee 2019

IYCS Global Training Session and International Council in Amman

Dear IYCS Member Organisations,

from 5th to 13th October 2017 the IYCS Global Training Session and International Council takes place in Amman (Jordan).

Find more information on Facebook

European Committee 2017 from 3rd to 8th September in Hürth (Germany)

Dear friends,

the phase to apply for the European Committee 2017 in Hürth (near Cologne/ Germany) has started. The offices received the calls, draft agenda and draft timetable. Read the rest of this entry »

Summer Week in Portugal cancelled

Dear friends,

due to insuperable organisational obstacles the Summer Week cannot take place unfortunately. We try to relaunch it and clarify our options and possibilities as soon as possible.

We keep you updated!

Summerweek “You are not alone, welcome to our common home”

From 7th to 13th August we are planning to have a Summer Week in Portugal with the title: “You are not alone, welcome to our common home” that is generally about including marginalized groups in society.

The calls for this event are planned to be spread at the beginning of May.

We are looking forward to this event! So save the date!!!

National Conference of KSJ Germany

By the end of the year the National Conference of KSJ Germany takes place. Like in the years before I was invited by the National Board to join this event. This year I accompanied the delegation of Augsburg by train, because I also departed from there.

This conference took place from 27th to 30th December in Altenberg in the northeast of Cologne.

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Christmas 2016

“Because of the faithful love of our God in which the rising Sun has come from on high to visit us, to give light to those who live in darkness and the shadow dark as death, and to guide our feet into the way of peace.” (Luke 1, 78+79)

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