European Committee

European Committee

  • Is the supreme and decision making body of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC and gathers responsible of national movements (two delegates per movement/federation), as well as observes and guests.
  • Decides upon the de- and affiliation of membership applications and the composition of the European Team and the decisions of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC for the forthcoming year (activities, elections, finances, work plan…).
  • Has the political control over the work of the European team, the finances and the external relations.
  • Evaluates the work achieved at all levels (national, European and international) in the light of the Orientations and is in charge of modifications of the basic documents of the Coordination.
  • Ratifies the Orientations proposed by the European Congress that precedes its meeting once every four years.

It takes place annually in September/October, including a Study Session which centres on a subject vital for the European Coordination, which aims to inspire the national movements and the European Coordination.

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