• Gathers around 40 students engaged in the different national movements.
  • Offers a space of encounter and enables to exchange and share students’ experiences on a theme related to their daily life; this aims to find out about the diversity among students in order to get a wider vision of the students’ reality in Europe.
  • Promotes deepening on a theme aiming to empower participants to take their own initiatives to develop their personal responsibility in transforming their milieu.
  • Promotes reflections, encourages participation and self-responsibility and aims to empower young students through the development of common ideas and actions
  • Deals with issues present in the life of students in several and very different dynamics, combining participants experiences’ and creative methodologies, trying to combine a good balance of reflection and leisure times.
  • Enables participants to have a different kind of leisure and holidays time, providing a multicultural frame in which they are invited to have fun, to share their faith and to work together with other students from other European realities discovering things about such a multicultural space.

The Summerweek take place annually and can be either in July or August.


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