Training Session

Training Session

  • Gathers 40 to 60 young students (who are local, regional or national animators/responsibles or who have an active role within the national movement) in order to share, confront and deepen their experiences and reflections.
  • Centres on a relevant subject for the national movements, aiming to tackle a broad variety of elements related to the subject, using the widest and richest approach possible.
  • Is a training space inside the Coordination aiming towards common intercultural learning and formation on the subject through exchange of experience, common reflection and the integration of new elements.
  • Develops conclusions, new approaches and guidelines for the concrete life of every national movement and the European Coordination.
  • Intends to contribute to pedagogical developments on a subject and to reach a multiplier effect promoting the new-gained knowledge in- and outside of the national movements.

It takes place every three years – alternating with the Theological Session and the Colloquium – usualy in the first half of the year.

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