European Congress

European Congress

  • Is a key moment of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC, gathering secondary and university students, Chaplains and responsables of national movements (up to five delegates per national movement or federation).
  • Is an expression and celebration of the common faith, a sign of identity and a symbol of the diversity and unity of the different realities within JECI-MIEC.
  • Is a forum of exchange, sharing of experiences and common reflection within the European Coordination.
  • Is a point of convergence in terms of contents and centres on the subjects that define JECI-MIEC: University, School, Church, Europe and international life.
  • Tries to define the present and future challenges for the Coordination and define possible answers while elaborating the Orientations, which set the priorities and will animate the whole European Coordination (reflections, activities, work priorities,…).
  • Is an expression of the commitment to the international work in the light of the preceding International Committee and its Orientations.

The first European Congress was held in 1982. A Congress takes place all four years in October/November, preceded by an International Committee and followed by an European Committee.

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