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Presenting the European Team 2017

During the European Congress 2016 in Celje (Slovenia) the European Team 2017 was elected.

The European Team 2017 framed by the International Movements IMCS & IYCS. From left: Edouard Karoue (IMCS), Simon Fischer (AKH Germany), Mariana Sousa (MCE Portugal), Spela Pucelj (SKAM Slovenia), Jan Szypulski (KIK Drum Bun Poland), and Fa. Charles Menezes (IYCS).

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Involvement in Church and Youth Policy

During the European Congress the represented Organisations were asked about their involvement in Church and Youth Policy. This is the result:

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European Congress 2016

Celje is the third biggest city of Slovenia with a bit less than 50.000 inhabitants. From 10th to 18th September sixteen young men and women representing fifteen Catholic Youth Organisations gathered there together for the European Congress.

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Preparation of the European Congress 2016

In the evening of the 3th of June the European Team gathered unfortunately without Tina Hoçevar, who was in Barcelona at that time, in Ljubljana to prepare the European Congress in September. We all got picked up by the nice people of SKAM who welcomed us in their capital city.

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Follow-up meeting of the Study Session “The Students’ Role in a European Society – ‘Identifying who we are'” – Brussels

The preparatory team including Sergio Fenech from the hosting organisation MKSU Malta met in Brussels for the follow-up meeting for the Study Session 2012 supported by the European Youth foundation which is having its 40th Anniversary.

On the morning before the meeting Sergio had the possibility to attend the Launch of the Research Study about Non Formal Education in Youth Organisations Effect on Young People’s Employability which took place in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) at Brussels. On the afternoon the rest of the team arrived at Brussels.

On the working day we were joined by one of the experts of the Study Session, Rev. Dr. Markus Wasserfuhr, and started by discussing the evaluation forms given to us by the participants and also discussed our personal remarks on the planning and the on-going flow before, during and after the Study Session. Overall it was reported as positive, it was seen that we may bring some changes to number of sessions and balance more the methods used during sessions. Also it should be taken into account the time and the amount of concentration needed of participants to participate fully during the particular sessions.

Then the Orientation Guidelines’ publication was discussed. The work on the layout and printing of the Guidelines was discussed and persons to work on layout and possible publishers were mentioned. Also it was taken into account the best country were publication should commence for faster distribution. Members of the team were given the responsibility to contact these people and check for quotations from publishers mentioned. Apart from these technical considerations the main focus was on how to implement the orientation guidelines in the forthcoming activities of JECI-MIEC and its national organizations respectively. Among others a main plan was to foster the implementation through explicitly mentioning them in future activities’ objectives and when doing visitations of JECI-MIEC’s member organizations. Finally hard-copies of the publications are also planned to be sent to relevant authorities cooperating to JECI-MIEC.

Finally the working on finalising the reports was started. The Team divided into two groups and worked on different parts of the reports. Also rechecked and finalised the financial report of the Study Session and including the reporting of the preparatory and follow-up meeting.

(by Sergio Fenech)


On the last day of the European Committee 2012 which followed the Study Session “The Students’ Role in a European Society – ‘Identifying who we are'” in Marsaxlokk, Malta. Thanks to the European Youth Foundation’s administrative grant this statutory meeting of our Coordination has been made possible.

The elections for the European Team 2013 resulted in a re-election of Maximilian Niessen (KSJ Germany) as European Coordinator as well as  AUCS Obnova Ukraine, ASTRU-Cluj Romania, MCE Portugal and MKSU Malta as National Member Organizations for the Executive Board. The candidates of these organizations, Romana Mysula,Laura-Ioana Sopon and Nuno Wemans, were all re-elected while MSKU Malta will be represented by Sergio Fenech in 2013.

The Coordination is especially happy to again welcome Fr. Dr. Markus Wasserfuhr (AKH Germany) as European Ecclesiastical Assistant – a position which has been vacant since the 1990s.

We wish all elected members of the European Team 2013 a successful and fulfilling mandate!

(from left to right: Laura-Ioana Sopon, Sergio Fenech, Maximilian Niessen, Romana Mysula, Nuno Wemans, Fr. Dr. Markus Wasserfuhr)

LIVE FROM THE STUDY SESSION (daily updates compiled by the media committee)


Today Marsaxlokk became more international. Representatives of Catholic Students’ organisations from all over Europe gathered at the study session of JECI-MIEC. We started to work over the students’ role in a European society. Thanks to this, we would like to identify who we are.
And we started at once. In the morning we had some introductory activities, as we have to find out about each other, our organisations and our characteristics. Later we proceeded with answering question “Why study?”. In the afternoon “Link”, Maltesian Youth Catholics’ organisation, brought us a lot of emotions by binding our groups in which we will work on JECI-MIEC’s oreintation guidelines in the forthcoming days. The day ended with amusing multicultural evening, at which we could get to know all present nationalities, their characteristics, habits and traditions, as well as try the Maltesian food thanks to one of the best cook in Malta (by the way, if you visit Marsaxlokk once, we recommend :).
A lot to write, not many space to fill. Hope that you enjoy our reports and see you tomorrow!


We started our day and week with the Holy Mass. Later, after breakfast, we entertained Professor Joseph N. Grima, who showed us – as the president of the University of Malta’s “Degree Plus” – how we the Maltesian university encourages its students to develop their personality in many directions. Just before and after lunch we proceeded with interesting workshops on the topic of the students’ realities across Europe. Pre-supper time was used to plan and already implement our work over the Orientation Guidelines 2012-2016. Finally, the day ended with the Museum of Organizations, at which everybody could find out how each other’s national organization works.


This day expired under the topic of interreligious activities. First, we could meet Imam Mohamed El Sadi, who explained us a lot about Islam. Any misinformation, stereotypes or prejudices that we could have before this meeting have just flew away. The round table took place together with the catholic priest, rev. Dr. Markus Wasserfuhr. After this we had a role play during which we decided about building (or not) a mosque in a centre of imaginary town called Sleepyville. After lunch we received another guest – rev. Dr. Rene Cilia, who told us about differences between Church and secular culture. At the end of the day, we continued our work over the Orientation Guidelines. See you tomorrow!


Wednesday at JECI-MIEC’s study session could be described with two nouns: democracy and Mdina/Rabat. The first part of the day was sacrificed to discussing how young Catholics can participate in democratic life of their environment. Jan Zujewicz and Ryan Mercieca gave us their testimony of their activity in – consecutively – the Council of the Old Town District (Poznañ, Poland) and the National Youth Council of Malta. After lunch we left to visit Mdina, the medieval town, former capital of Malta. We finished the day with abundant dinner eaten in nice surrounding of Malta seminary. Thank you Sergio, Marco, Anne-Marie and all other organizers (from MKSU) of our today trip!


This day began with a movie (apart from the Holy Mass, as always) after which we had short discussions about the message of the movie. The afternoon was contained an input of Fr. Dr. Markus Wasserfuhr about our responsibility as students facing challenges and focussed also on working on the Orientation Guidelines. These discussions finalized with creation of the model of tomorrow’s final debate and setting the outlook of the Orientation Guidelines. It seems that 4-day work now finally reaches the end… A lot of emotions before tomorrow’s morning, nobady knows what waits for us then, but before… let’s have a party tonight!


EUROPEAN CONGRESS 2012: Preparatory Meeting successfully concluded

The preparatory team of the European Congress 2012 is happy to announce that the preparatory meeting, which took place in Marsaxlokk, Malta from the 13th – 15th July 2012 has been successfully concluded.

The preparators Sergio Fenech (from the hosting organization MKSU) as well as members of the European Team 2012 gathered in Marsaxlokk to prepare this year’s most important event of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC.

After an introduction to the facilities in Marsaxlokk and an update on the status of participants and the budgetting on Friday, Saturday’s business was the co-ordination of tasks and responsibilities with the Local Organizing Committee of MKSU as well as the elaboration of the study and statutory sessions’ timetables. Finally the last meeting day focussed on the finalization of futher legal documents required for the statutory session part.

We are looking forward to the meeting the registered member organizations in Malta.

Sergio Fenech

Laura-Ioana Sopon

Romana Mysula

Nuno Wemans

Maximilian Niessen

EUROPEAN CONGRESS: extension of deadline – 8th July 2012

Dear friends from the National Member Organizations,

hereby we would like to announce the extension of deadline for registration for the European Congress 2012 for those member organizations which have not registered yet. Since there are still pleaces left, we would highly encourage participation – especially among the organizations which were not present at recent activities. Thanks to the EYF adminstrative grant the statutory session has been made possible. The study session in advance of the Statutory Session of the European Congress is co-financed by the EYF, which in 2012 celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Dear friends from the National Organizations,


we have the pleasure to invite you to the European Congress 2012 which will take place 1st – 12th September 2012 in the Marsaxlokk Youth Activity Centre, Marsaxlokk, Malta. Thanks to the EYF adminstrative grant the statutory session has been made possible. The study session in advance of the Statutory Session of the European Congress is co-financed by the EYF, which in 2012 celebrates its 40th anniversary.


Please find attached the relevant information and material.











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