Easter 2016

DSC_0012_w (Kopie)Dear friends,

Christ has risen from death! These days we are celebrating Christ, our Saviour, who died for our sins and resurrected to lead us to eternal life at our heavenly father. Indeed this is the basis of our belief, the foundation of Christianity.

These days my thoughts of death and heaven lead me to a bigger humility to the gift of life, love, trust and contentment. There are often things, circumstances or people that annoy us, that present us with a problem or a lack of understanding – sometimes fear, uncertainty, insecure and despair.

Why? Where is the big plan behind this? These and lots of other questions arise and will not disappear that soon, because we don´t receive an answer. And this is not satisfying – the most for those who are victims (and their relatives) of terror attacks, terrible accidents and inhumane deaths.

“My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mat 27, 46) Even Jesus, knowing about the idea what would happen to him, was longing for God and an answer to his suffer. Nobody knows the big plan of God for us and our neighbours. We can only believe in Him, hope & trust that He guides everyone of us and love & be thankful for the people He sends to us in His eternal grace.

For this reason I´d like to invite you to light a candle these days – in your room, at home, in church, … – for all those victims and their relatives, for all the people that are part of your life and for yourself.

From the bottom of my heart: be blessed!



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