European Committee 2019

From the 22nd to the 24th of November, the European Committee 2019 has been held in Cologne, Germany. Many National movements have participated and they all share an atmosphere of collaboration and committment.

At this committee, there were taken decisions for the next steps of the Coordination and a new European Team has been elected together with a new European Chaplain, fr Sergio Fenech from Malta.

The European Team consists of 4 National Organisations:

MCE Portugal, FUCI Italy, JEC France, EKNE Greece.

In person, MCE is represented by Maria Correia, FUCI is again represented by Anna Miccolis (ET 2019), JEC France by Georg Henkel and EKNE by Eirini Freri who is elected European Coordinator.

The new European Team is looking forward to a year full of work and ideas, with the precious collaboration of the national and international movements, working all together as a network in order to accomplish the purposes of JECI-MIEC.

We express our gratitude to KSJ Germany for the preparations,to all the delegates, to the international teams, and our guests, Johan Vanhove, father Etienne Triaille and Maximilian Niessen for their precious contribution.

The European Teams 2019-2020

European Committee 2019

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