The European Coordination JECI-MIEC wishes all of you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Dear friends and supporters of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC,

First of all we wish you and your families and friends a merry Christmas with many blessings from above. May the true love of God given to all of us in the birth of Jesus Christ enlighten your lives and the lives of the ones you carry in your hearts.

Second of all we wish you a good start into the new year 2014. May your personal as well as professional and volunteer lives cherish in health and joy and be granted support from God.

Yours sincerely,

European Teams 2013 / 2014


Lord Jesus, let me know myself and know Thee,
And desire nothing save only Thee.
Let me hate myself and love Thee.
Let me do everything for the sake of Thee.
Let me humble myself and exalt Thee.
Let me think of nothing except Thee.
Let me die to myself and live in Thee.
Let me accept whatever happens as from Thee.
Let me banish self and follow Thee,
And ever desire to follow Thee.
Let me fly from myself and take refuge in Thee,
That I may deserve to be defended by Thee.
Let me fear for myself, let me fear Thee,
And let me be among those who are chosen by Thee.
Let me distrust myself and put my trust in Thee.
Let me be willing to obey for the sake of Thee.
Let me cling to nothing save only to Thee,
And let me be poor because of Thee.
Look upon me, that I may love Thee.
Call me that I may see Thee,
And for ever enjoy Thee.


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