European Committee 2011 Press releases

JECI-MIEC European Comittee 2011 adopts updated Statutes and elects new European Team – a start in a hopeful future

„I have a motion!“ – This was the sentence probably most familiar to the 18 delegates of the JECI-MIEC member organizations who gathered for their annual European Committee 2011. This meeting was held in the Pastoral Center of the Archdiocese of Corfu from the 12th-19th of September and hosted by EKNE Greece.
The highlights of the agenda to be decided on were the adoption of the updated statutes of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC and the election of the new leadership Board, named European Team. This Team will consist of Maximilian Niessen (KSJ Germany) as European Coordinator starting his mandate from 1st of October 2011, Laura Sopon (ASTRU Romania), Romana Mysula (Obnova Ukraine), Nuno Wemans (MCE Portugal) and Ryan Mercieca (MKSU Malta) all starting from 1st of January 2012.
In order to take into account the wishes of the national organizations, the preparatory team furthermore dedicated an entire day to focus on the current projects and aims, but also challenges and needs of the Coordination’s members. Starting from the members’ presentations another day enabled all delegates to work together in Commissions such as “activities”, “finances”, “maintenance, reactivation and expansion of members” and “statutes” to bring in their ideas into a fruitful future development of the European Coordination.
Moreover, members of the outgoing International Teams of IYCS and IMCS, as well as the vice-president of ICMICA and the contact board member of the European Youth Forum were invited to bring in their thoughts. One evening was dedicated to a meeting with his Excellency Archbishop Joannis Spiteris.
Based on the magnificent results of this inspiring week, one of our observers, who knows the Coordination’s ups and downs quite well from personal experience, came to the conclusion “I see, that the Coordination is alive again!” What we can hope for is that the members as well as the newly elected European Team will keep the spirit of this European Committee and make it action-guiding in order to lead JECI-MIEC into a positive future.

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