Brief history of the European Coordination IYCS – IMCS

50 years ago a new movement, the European Young Catholic Students, appeared. Until today many young Europeans continue to make the dream of half a century ago true.

Our roots

The creation of the IYCS

The birth of the European YCS

And what about the IMCS?

International Movement of Catholic Students

The MIEC (IMCS) is born in Freiburg (Switzerland) in 1921, under the name Pax Romana. (read more…)

International Young Catholic Students

Contrary to the MIEC which, since 1921, coordinated existing experiences, the JECI was born as the development of Catholic Action movements in 1925. (read more…)

European Teams

The Members of the European Teams since 2008. (read more…)

European Secretaries/Coordinators

The European Secretaries and Coordinators since 1955 until today. (read more…)

European Chaplains

The European Chaplains since 1955… (read more…)