• Gathers 40-60 young people engaged on local, regional or national level in different European Youth Organisations (among them around 30 from JECI-MIEC) to share their experiences and reflections around a subject of common concern. It is held every three years.
  • Promotes exchange on the work and engagement of the participants and their organisations and to deepen their knowledge about each other.
  • Analyses different aspects of a social, political or cultural theme coming from a diversity of viewpoints and backgrounds in a European perspective.
  • Initiates common formation processes around a subject in an inter-organisational, inter-confessional and inter-cultural context.
  • Develops common reflections about the possibilities and motivations of young people to engage in Society and the common challenges arising from the theme for them and their organisations.
  • Defines possible lines of action for the concrete reality on all levels (local-national-European), by encouraging collaboration as an important dimension of changes.

It takes place every three years – alternating with the Theological Session and the Training Session – usualy in the first half of the year.

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