Colloquium 2011 Press releases

Call for participants for Colloquium 2011

We have a pleasure to invite you to the Colloquium “Integral Education and Christian Faith”, which is taking place from 8-14 March 2011 in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The Colloquium is designed for members of the movements. This means that participants in the meeting should be actively involved in projects at national/local level or to be members of the national/local board of the movement.

In order to apply for this activity, you have to fill-in the application form (you can find it together with this document or download from our website at or attached to this e-mail) and sent it by e-mail The deadline for receiving the applications is the 30 January 2011. In any case we already now are asking you to reserve the travel tickets and to buy then ONLY as your participation will be confirmed.

After receiving the applications we will inform your movement of the participants confirmed and we will send them the “Participants File”.

For any further information, please contact the European Secretariat by phone or by e-mail:

We hope to have a lot of participants – especially from movements that are not so often present in the activities.

Attached files:

+ Colloquium2011-CallforParticipants
+ Colloquium2011-ParticipantForm
+ Colloquium2011-Timetable

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