Colloquium 2014

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The Colloquium 2014 “Young Christians and Sexuality in the 21st Century’s Europe” – “The Choice of our lifestyle” co-funded by the European Youth Foundation, took place from the 5th to the 12th October in the Educational Centre for Blind in Laski, near Warsaw. The activity was attended by 17 participants from France, Spain, Portugal, Senegal, Poland, Greece, Armenia, Ukraine, Luxembourg and Romania who shared their experiences from their cultural background.


The Colloquium focused on many aspects of sexuality such as the psychological approach, homosexuality, the Church’s perspective, pedophilia, gender issues, sexual abuse within the Church and other religions’ perspective on Sexuality. The activity was run with the methodology of SEE- JUDGE- ACT and during the SEE and JUDGE it was composed of discussions, inputs, role-plays and games.


For the ACT part the participants had to come up with a common idea for an action at the city. This action was a flash mob about the respect of the child, the fidelity within the relationship and the respect of human being. On Friday 10th of October the participants carried out the action at the city squares and spread their messages at the citizens. The last part of the Colloquium was dedicated to the debriefing and the Evaluation.

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Apart from the basic part of the activity, the spiritual aspect of JECI-MIEC was expressed with the Opening and Closing Masses and the daily prayers but also the fun and cultural part was there during the evening when the intercultural evening and many games in order to get to know each other took place.


We thank everyone that made this activity possible and specially the local organisers, the experts  and the European Youth Foundation!


You can find a video of the activity created by Paul Sopon here:

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