Conference in Istanbul: “Learning mobility in the Youth Field”


From 7th  to 9th October 2015 Romana Mysula (European Team member 2012-2015) took part in the Conference “Learning mobility in the Youth Field: towards opportunities for all”, which took place in Istanbul (Turkey). European Platform on Learning Mobility was created after the idea to talk about Learning mobility appeared in 2010. Since that time the Conference in Istanbul was the third one within the work of the Platform.

According to the web-site of European Union – Council of Europe Partnership in the Youth Field, that was co-orginiser of the event, Learning Mobility is transnational mobility undertaken for a period of time, consciously organised for educational purposes or to acquire new competences or knowledge. It covers a wide variety of projects and activities and can be implemented in formal or non-formal settings.

The main idea of the Platform is to create mutually beneficial links between Researchers, Policy Makers and Practitioners. Don’t you find it standing in line with the Concept See-Judge-Act that JECI-MIEC uses? The main question of this year’s conference was – How to promote inclusion in Youth Learning Mobility? The Conference was a combination of Formal and Non-formal. There were different key-note speeches, presentations and workshops related to the topic.


Very important phrase, from my view, was expressed several times -“Nothing for us without us”, meaning that not only the organisers have to prepare well for the Programme, but also the participants have to take an active role before, during and after the mobility. Some more interesting facts about Learning mobility.


There were Rapporteurs who will finalise the results of the Conference in the text form, but now I want to share with some highlights, which were depicted by a special rapporteur Siiri Taimla.


It was a very interesting event, where we were discussing, getting new information and of course, experiencing the culture outside the Hotel 😉


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