Study Session 2011

Confirmed participants to Study Session 2011

The Study Session Bridging Our World: Going Beyond Borders” is taking place from 17-22 July 2011 in Cologne, Germany.

The Study Session is designed for members of the movements. This means that participants in the meeting should be actively involved in projects at national/local level or to be members of the national/local board of the movement.

Meeting is aiming:

The aim of this project is to provide a forum for young people to share experiences about intercultural dialogue, to minimize unnecessary conflicts and discover creative ways of living in a multicultural environment.

while its objectives are:

  1. To affirm the individual participants in their identity as young people and as agents of peace-building through dialogue.
  2.  To understand the difference between living alongside someone and constructive coexistence.
  3.  To design strategies for the prevention of social conflicts arising from cultural differences.
  4.  To mobilise our student youth networks for social cohesion and empower students to act as multipliers in their own milieu.
  5.  To get in touch with the reality of the hosting country, concerning the issue of the multicultural environment (nations living together).
  6.  To empower students to develop different actions and projects that once they have returned to their organisation they could put into practice (either in partnership with other JECI-MIEC movements or any other organisations).

This meeting is possible thanks to the financial aid from the European Youth Foundation.

For any further information, please contact the European Secretariat by e-mail:

You can find in attachement the timetable and a list of confirmed participants as of today.

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