European Youth Forum Council of Members(COMEM) and General Assembly(GA)

On April 25-26, 2014 in Brussels a combination of COMEM (Council of Members) and GA (General

Assembly) – meetings needed to keep on the work of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) took place.

YFJ is a platform for exchange and cooperation between National Youth Councils in Europe

and International Youth NGOs (98 in total) with the aim of forming common views on issues related to

youth and spreading them further.

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JECI-MIEC maintains full membership in YFJ and was

represented by Romana Mysula (ET member 2012-2014).

Main results and activities of the meeting:

• Election of a new board member Vasiliki Alexandri for a shortened term of 6 months (due to a step

away of a previous member)

• Ratification of the new Secretary General Allan Päll  and Good-bye of Giuseppe Porcaro

who was carrying out this duties during 2 mandates

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• Statutory changes approval that were needed and have been discussed for a long time already

• Meeting with the city major and presentation of Cluj-Napoca (Romania) as the European Youth

Capital 2015

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• European Election candidates debate on the Youth Agenda

• Thematic Square “Peace: Youth, Raise your voice! How will the recent developments affect

Europe?” dedicated to the current activities in Ukraine, initiated by Italian National Youth Forum

(FNG), supported by JECI-MIEC and many other organizations. Thematic Square was very actively

partaken by the delegates

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• The German National Committee for International Youth Work (DNK) suggested to adopt Urgent

Resolution on the situation in Ukraine. Its text can be accessed here:


Next meeting (GA) is scheduled for November 2014, when the election of the YFJ new board will take place.

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(Pictures – YFJ, Romana Mysula)

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