Study Session Summerweek 2010

Extended call for animators for Summerweek 2010

It is our great pleasure to invite you all, the National Movements for the Summerweek 2010 “Learning to live in MY Y/OURope”, which is taking place from 18th till 25th July 2010 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Due to short applications in the first deadline, we extend this for a second term.

The deadline to send application form is 15th May 2010. The application form, filled in by the candidate, should be send only by e-mail to Any application send by other means will not be taken into consideration.

After the selection of animators, it will be a common task of the Animators team which we expect to be composed of 4 persons (2 from the European Team and 2 from the National Movements) to develop the subject of the activity further, to find ideas to involve the local reality in this regard and to design the concrete program and timetable.

We would like to inform you as well that the Preparatory meeting will be most likely held in the venue in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in June 2010.

Please find attached the call for animators, the animator file and the Application Forms for the candidates.

I hope that it will not take long for you to find a candidate among your members. I would like to stress once more that it is a good opportunity to work in a multicultural team and to gain the experience for your future.

Attached files:

+ Summerweek2010-AnimatorsCall-Extended deadline
+ Summerweek2010-AnimatorsFile
+ Summerweek2010-AnimatorsPartcipationForm-Extendeddeadline

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