European Congress 2012

Follow-up meeting of the Study Session “The Students’ Role in a European Society – ‘Identifying who we are'” – Brussels

The preparatory team including Sergio Fenech from the hosting organisation MKSU Malta met in Brussels for the follow-up meeting for the Study Session 2012 supported by the European Youth foundation which is having its 40th Anniversary.

On the morning before the meeting Sergio had the possibility to attend the Launch of the Research Study about Non Formal Education in Youth Organisations Effect on Young People’s Employability which took place in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) at Brussels. On the afternoon the rest of the team arrived at Brussels.

On the working day we were joined by one of the experts of the Study Session, Rev. Dr. Markus Wasserfuhr, and started by discussing the evaluation forms given to us by the participants and also discussed our personal remarks on the planning and the on-going flow before, during and after the Study Session. Overall it was reported as positive, it was seen that we may bring some changes to number of sessions and balance more the methods used during sessions. Also it should be taken into account the time and the amount of concentration needed of participants to participate fully during the particular sessions.

Then the Orientation Guidelines’ publication was discussed. The work on the layout and printing of the Guidelines was discussed and persons to work on layout and possible publishers were mentioned. Also it was taken into account the best country were publication should commence for faster distribution. Members of the team were given the responsibility to contact these people and check for quotations from publishers mentioned. Apart from these technical considerations the main focus was on how to implement the orientation guidelines in the forthcoming activities of JECI-MIEC and its national organizations respectively. Among others a main plan was to foster the implementation through explicitly mentioning them in future activities’ objectives and when doing visitations of JECI-MIEC’s member organizations. Finally hard-copies of the publications are also planned to be sent to relevant authorities cooperating to JECI-MIEC.

Finally the working on finalising the reports was started. The Team divided into two groups and worked on different parts of the reports. Also rechecked and finalised the financial report of the Study Session and including the reporting of the preparatory and follow-up meeting.

(by Sergio Fenech)

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