JECI-MIEC Christmas wishes for YOU

Jesus was born to be with us!
      In these days of Christmas, we stop and reflect upon this great and wonderful event of the human birth of the Child of God. This mysterious move that God does so to save humanity from the possibility of losing Him forever. He came amongst us and lived with us, he was born like us and lived the earthly life. He also chose to live an ordinary life; he wasn’t rich and did not seek popularity. He lived a life with just the daily necessities, he was grateful for what he received and always sought that of what was of the Father in Heaven. He showed us what is truly important for us, and he did this not just by word but by his incarnate life. Yet what is most important is that he showed us that He wants to be with us and that he would go above and beyond so that it would be possible for us to get back to Him. He showed us a path by living that path himself. He was born so that we may be able to be with Him if we choose so. He was born so that He may stay with us waiting for that moment when we will understand that we truly are when we are with Him.     
Wish you all a Blessed Christmas.
Fr. Sergio Fenech- European Chaplain 

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