JECI-MIEC Digital Workshop Report

The JECI-MIEC Digital Workshop took place between the 24th and the 27th of September 2020 and gathered approximately 20 participants from the member organizations. The aim of this meeting was to bring together young Catholic Student and create the Orientation Guidelines 2021-2024.

The first day started with the welcoming part, followed by a short introduction about JECI-MIEC and about the aim of this workshop. Then the members had some icebreaking activity in order to get to know each other and after that they had the opportunity to talk about the main directions they will work on, and share their realities, their motivation and their expectations from the Orientation Guidelines.

On the second day, the participants started working in smaller teams on the four main perspectives proposed by the European Team: personal perspective, Church perspective, organizational perspective and civil society perspective. In each group, the participants were asked to brainstorm and think of concrete ideas and advice that can be useful to the organizations based on each perspective. The work in groups continued on Saturday morning, when the participants were asked to finalize their work and produce a document with their suggestions. In the evening, the participants gathered for an informal evening and presented their countries while playing. Then they had the chance to split in groups and ask questions to the European Team and the International Secretariat teams of IMCS and IYCS about their role and their work.

On Sunday, the last day, each group presented their work, which will be compiled into the final document of the Orientation Guidelines that will be voted at the European Committee. All he participants opened up, shared their experience and came up with creative ideas. Even if it was an online activity, the feeling of being next to each other was really strong and the workshop was very productive.
Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Report by:

Teodora Capan (Astru Cluj)

Giorgio Mandoli (FUCI)

Eirini Freri (European Coordinator)

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