JECI-MIEC participates in the consultation of the Structured Dialogue of the Cyprus Presidency

The structured dialogue is an instrument to ensure that the opinion of young people is taken into account in defining youth-related policies of the European Union. To achieve this, the structured dialogue brings together young people and policy-makers across the EU to jointly discuss and feed into youth policy at national and European level.

During its Presidency, Cyprus will work ?owards a Better Europe, more relevant to its citizens and to the world; meaning a more effective Europe, contributing to growth and job creation. A European Union working on the basis of the underlying principle of solidarity, committing itself to a better future, promoting social cohesion and providing hope to its citizens; a European Union, with an enhanced role in the international scene.  All efforts will be directed to bequeath a better Europe to the younger generations.

Under the Cypriot Presidency, the structured dialogue between policy makers and young people focuses on the participation and social inclusion of young people, with particular emphasis on young people with migrant background.

Through these consultations, young people and youth organisations can put forward their recommendations on how to best ensure the inclusion and participation of all young people in both conventional and non-conventional ways. The outcomes of the consultations will feed into the discussions at the upcoming EU Youth Conference in Nicosia when young people and policy actors across the EU will work in joint workshops to create concrete recommendations.

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