Meet the European team 2015

European Coordinator
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His name is Simon Fischer, he is born in 1986 and he comes from AKH Germany.

He studies at Augsburg University in order to become Secondary School Teacher in Mathematics and Physical Education.

He is an active member of his local organisation since 2002 and an AKH board member since September 2013.

His first experience with JECI-MIEC was at the European Congress 2012 where he was a delegate for AKH and the second at the European Committee 2014 in Luxembourg, where he was elected.

The languages he speaks are German(as a mother tongue) and english but also some Italian and French.

He is a multitalented person with many hobbies such as sports(soccer, swimming, running etc), dancing and music(playing, singing, listening).


Team members


Mihaela Sopon, born in 1989, currently studies the second year of masters in Food Quality Management, having finished a BA in Food Science and Technology.

She is actively involved in the Greek-Catholic Youth Association ASTRU Cluj of which she is a member since 2008, and in the Executive Board since 2012.

She participated in several activities of JECI-MIEC in Strasbourg, Peltre, Cluj and Luxembourg, having joined the European team for the Year 2015 in the last mentioned location.

Her main hobbies are travelling, singing, getting lost in book stores and spending quality time with her family. Languages spoken: Romanian (mother tongue), English and French (advanced level) and very basic knowledge of Spanish, Italian and more recently German.


Jacques Neyens, born in 1989, has finished his bachelor in Law at the University of Luxembourg in 2014 and he studies at the moment the Master in Learning and Communication in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts. Besides of his studies he’s the responsible for the JEC Luxembourg activities and he’s a freelancer for Eldoradio for which he read the news. He likes to sing, play guitar and he’s working in different student associations. He first participate in 2012 at the JECI-MIEC European Congress in Malta, he later went to the Training Session in Peltre and was part of the prep team for the JECI- MIEC European Committee in Luxembourg where he was elected to the European Team for the year 2015.  He speaks Luxembourgish, German, French and English, but also a little bit of Italian.


His name is Clément Maury, born in 1992, from JEC France. He is currently in Master of Political Sciences (European Affaires) in Lille. He is a member of the National Team of JEC France since 2012 and president since October 2013. He has participated at the EC2013 in Cluj, at the Colloquium in Poland and at the EC2014 in Luxembourg. His hobbies are tennis, soccer and French horn. He can speak French, German, English and a bit Dutch and Italian.


Romana Mysula, born in 1986, is an elected as team member since January 2012. She comes from AUCS Obnova. She has a Specialist and Bachelor degree in Pedagogical Education and she is currently working at the International relations office of the Ternopil National Pedagogical University. She has a lot of experience in Jeci-Miec activities since she has attended the Summerweek in Cluj(2010), the Colloquium in Kaunas(2011), the Study Session co-organised by IMCS in Cologne(2011) and the EC 2011 in Corfu. Most important is that she has facilitated the Study Session in Strasbourg and in Malta, the Training Session in Peltre and the Colloquium in Warsaw, but also all the European Committees since 2012 as a European team member. Last but not least, she speaks Ukrainian, English, German and Russian.

Highschool expert

20140405_062109460_iOSJanek Szypulski, born in 1997, will work together with the European Team as a highschool expert. He comes from KIK- Drum Bun and he studies at Stefan Batory the King lyceum school.

He is involved in  Warsaw KIK where he is in the board of youth section and animator in section for children. His first experience with JECI-MIEC was at the European Committee but he was also a local organising team member for the Colloquium in Warsaw.

His hobbies are skiing, mountaineering and sailing. The languages he speaks are: English, German and Polish as mother tongue.

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