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National Conference of KSJ Germany

By the end of the year the National Conference of KSJ Germany takes place. Like in the years before I was invited by the National Board to join this event. This year I accompanied the delegation of Augsburg by train, because I also departed from there.

This conference took place from 27th to 30th December in Altenberg in the northeast of Cologne.

After reports from the different dioceses, the national board and different commissions also JECI-MIEC could present its report to the present delegates. This time Miriam and I presented also the IMSC campaign on sustainable development to the students and it was a great success. We received a lot of positive feedback.





There was also a big election part for voting people into different positions or commissions – also, for example, the delegates for the European Committee 2017. On the last evening there was a big farewell party including a special ceremony for the outgoing managerial national president, Silvia Jäschke, and the Advisor for Political Education, Philip Smets.

It was again a great pleasure to be part of this event and getting to know quite close and detailed, what is going on within KSJ. Thank you very much!

(by Simon Fischer)

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