Recap of the JECI-MIEC StudySession

The partcipants of the StudySession in Budapest

The main theme of this year’s JECI-MIEC study session was democracy and how the future can be shaped in its sense. A special value was placed on the influence of young adults throughout Europe and their opportunities to become active at regional and international levels. During the week, the participants first exchanged their individual experiences in the different European countries. In doing so, all those involved got the first opportunity to look beyond their own experiences and thus create a deeper awareness of the topic on the one hand and gather inspiration from other organizations for their own on the other. Subsequently, in addition to deepening contacts, dealing with democracy and the dangers to it was on the program before first ideas and inspirations were collected on how young adults can actively influence and act in favor of democracy. In the course of these program items, awareness was sharpened for the everyday dangers in our society and systems that can undermine democracy and prevent the influence of individual groups.

In order not to emerge from the week with just many new great friends and experiences, but also with concrete approaches, projects were finally developed on the last day based on the findings of the week that can strengthen the influence of young adults on democracy and its development both at national and international level. This can be achieved through educational measures for young people as well as through the development of platforms and exchange opportunities for young adults and petitions. Hopefully, work will continue on many of the planned projects over the course of the following year, and even if some of them are associated with increased effort, they offer potential to actually make a difference.

The participants came from all over europe

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