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Happy new year!

“As this year comes to an end let us put all that happened in front of Jesus and contemplate what it is that we can learn from these experiences. Let His light shine upon them and see them as He does so that through what we see we may now engage in a better way all that is coming towards us in the year to come.Wish you a Blessed New Year full of Graces!” fr. Sergio Fenech

Outgoing and Incoming European Teams 2020 and 2021
Maria, Anna M, Georg, Eirini, fr. Sergio, Anna H, Paul, Carolina

Merry Christmas!

Warmest wishes by the European Team 2020!

“This will be a sign for you: you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger” Lk 2, 12

As we Celebrate Christmas and contemplate this great mystery of the incarnation of God we marvel in this great act of humility. God who is all and sustains all takes the form of the creature He so much loves. He so much wanted to convey his message of love to us that he took on flesh so to be able to communicate with us and love us in a way we could truly feel Him. He still continues to convey his love today in our hearts and stir us, who are His people, to love like He does. Let these days of Christmas be for all of us a spark of hope and that always reminds us that nothing can hold us back from His love because His love pierces through everything and lights up the darkest darkness.

Merry Christmas to Everyone and may God’s love shine in all your hearts.

Fr. Sergio Fenech

Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight Mk 1, 3

Have we found something to work upon so that we may become a better person a bettter Christian? If yes, now its time to exercise ourselves and start. Surly we wil find several obsticales in our way but God provides us help. The Sacraments, espacially Confession and the Eucharist are what sustain us in the wilderness and sufferings we face in our life in our walk towards His kingdom.
May His Blessings always empower us so that even if the roads that we are walking upon are bent; full of hills and valleys yet our gaze will remain always straight and focused towards Christ. Then he will Help us to straighten our path and lower the hills and fill the valleys.

Fr. Sergio Fenech

And what I say to you I say to all: Stay on the Watch. (Mk 13: 37)

As we start our new Liturgical Year the Gospel urges us to stay alert and stay awake. It is easy for us to just enter the yearly routine and just start the usual celebrations of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and so on… Yet this cycle has purpose, and it does have one focal point, Christ. It is this mystery of Christ that year after year we are asked to contemplate and move deeper in this relationship with Him. So do not just dose off in the usual routine but stay vigilant and watch for what Jesus is offering you this year. Use this time so to get deeper in this relationship with Christ. This time of Advent is provided for us so to ask ourselves how are we preparing for God’s second coming? Are we prepared to enter His kingdom?

Therefore, as we are still in the start of this liturgical year try to think about what you wish to work upon this year. If there is something you wish to change in yourself or around you or if there is something in your Christian life that you wish to understand more so to be able to live it in a better way. This is how we remain vigilant, how we remain awake.

Let the Holy Spirit guide you in the stirrings of the heart so to find what is asked of you this year this present moment.

Wish you all a Blessed Time filled with Grace and Good Health!

Fr Sergio Fenech

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