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Study Session 2022

Dear friends,
we are happy to invite you to our Study Session that will take place in Budapest, Hungary, from the 1st to the 7th of May 2022 (including arrival and departure days).
We are going to work around the topic “Active peace – students strengthening peace through Human Rights’ Education”
Please, read the following document carefully for additional information:
Call for Participants Study Session Budapest May 2022.pdf
And fill this form until the 31st of March 2022:

This Study Session is organised in partnership with and financed by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe.

Best regards,
European Team 2022

How is the prep-team working on the Study Session in Budapest?

The ”’Digital Natives’ advocating for Human Rights” Study Session is approaching and the prep-team is not sitting for nothing. It’s true, they are split, each working in their home country, in front of their personal electronic device searching for relevant information. Some go deep, searching for innovative techniques, some go for the basics since that’s where everything starts from. But they are never alone. Since they address the digital natives, they are in a constant contact to one another, testing the devices and means that most young people are using today. And if considered easier, they put their hand on the cell-phone and just greet their colleagues in order to ask for help or for an opinion.

While participants were asked to bring in some national cases of Human Rights’ violations, members of the prep team are searching for some as well. And since we’re talking about Human Rights, we want to keep everything legal. For that, visa requests and liability papers for underage participants are dealt with to ensure that everyone is accepted and warmly welcomed to our activity.

Beginning of January also the Info-Pack has been prepared in order that the participants know what to expect, what to bring and what not to forget. In the same document, one can find indications on how to arrive to the venue. The experts have been contacted, and put up to date with all the requests and the main desired outcomes. The ongoing process at the moment is putting in concrete steps all the activities, adjusting them one to the other and making sure they are exciting enough. Please make sure you are following all the instructions provided and that you keep an eye on your inbox. You never know what’s still to come.


Call for participants for Study Session 2009

The European Coordination of JECI-MIEC has the great pleasure to invite all the national member movements/federations to nominate candidates for the Study Session “Looking at Immigration Through Human Rights Perspective”, which is taking place from 15-22 November 2009 in the European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France.

The Study Session 

  • Gathers 35 students from different national movements in Europe (who are responsible on local, regional or national level) in order to share, confront and deepen their experiences and reflections.
  • Analyses an actual social or cultural theme and discerns it through the “signs of the times”
  • “Studies” the way this issue is present in the secondary school and university environment, the respective countries and in whole Europe.
  • Reflects in a Christian perspective the consequences and responsibilities for students (individual) and student movements (society)
  • Develops guidelines for action and work in the concrete reality of each movement and the European Coordination, based on the challenges of the reality perceived and the common reflections made.

The Study Session is targeted to both: Secondary and University Students.

The Study Sessions are organised in collaboration with the Council of Europe and take place in the European Youth Centres in Budapest or Strasbourg every year.

The Study Session “Looking at Immigration Through Human Rights Perspective”, aims to raise awareness and understanding of the responsibilities that students as Christians have in relation to human rights. It also aims to see the migration in the eyes of the human rights and to take an active role as human rights educators in their own milieu.

The objectives are following:

  • to deepen the different approaches to Human Rights and the mechanisms for their protection
  • to understand the reality of student immigration in Europe
  • to analyse the different realities in the societies where participants are coming from and identify different forms of violation of Human rights regarding immigration such as intolerance, discrimination, disrespect, xenophobia
  • to facilitate participants to find their individual approach to the Human Rights
  • to reflect and identify the responsibilities that Christian Students have and their key roles as important agents in promoting and protecting Human Rights.
  • to promote Intercultural Learning among participants 

Deadline for sending the participants application form: 15 October 2009. Please find enclosed the Call for participants which contains detailed information on the Study Session, the Application Form for the participants and the planned timetable.

Download documents:
SS2009-Participants Call (.doc)
SS2009-Application Form (.doc)
– SS2009-Timetable (.pdf)

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