Transmission of Memory Meeting 2012 – Cologne

The Transmission of Memory Meeting 2012 took place in Cologne Germany from the 29th of November to the 2nd of December 2012. Johannes Maximilian Niessen, Laura Ioana Sopon, Sergio Fenech, Romana Mysula, Nuno Sassetti Paes Wemans and Fr. Markus Wasserfuhr arrived until the evening of the 30th November. Ryan Mercieca could not make it to the meeting due to other obligations.

Before the opening of the Meeting the Participants Call for the Training Session in March 2013 was finalised and sent to the National Organisations. The meeting was officially started by the appointment of Presidium, Johannes Maximilian Niessen, and Minutes taker, Nuno Sassetti Paes Wemans, after we had a spiritual Impulse and adoption of the agenda. We started by having an input from Maximilian Niessen on current information from the International Movements and The European Youth Forum. Then there was the evaluation of last year’s work by looking at what was planned and giving remarks on how it was performed.

The next day we started by having Mass and met Auxiliary Bishop Heiner Koch and afterwards started to see what was needed to be finalised for 2012 and the planning for year 2013 work-plan. We started by doing a timeline for future events and deadlines of certain activities and reporting. We then started to appoint the responsibilities for the new European Team. On Sunday we started by having Mass and then we closed the meeting by distributing the tasks for December 2012.

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