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10 years anniversary of one member organization of JECI-MIEC

Saturday, 8th December 2012 was an important day for one of our member organizations, ASTRU Cluj (Romania), celebrating 10 years from the reactivation of the association under the name they activated many years before 1948 and on the same day having the General Assembly. This special day was celebrated by 100 participants coming together especially for this event, under the motto “Help us Lord to be useful for the Church and our people” (Fr. Vasile Fernea).

The first part of the day started with ASTRU Gala, where older and newer members of ASTRU positively responded to the invitation addressed to everyone who got in contact with the members and activities of the organization. The Gala was opened with a word from the president of ASTRU, Ms. Raluca Fernea. Among the guests we will mind the eparchial bishop, His Excellency Florentin Crihalmeanu, the president of the Catholic Action of Romania – Oana Tuduce, and the European Coordinator of JECI-MIEC – Maximilian Niessen,  all of them having had the chance to address few words of congratulations and encouragement for the future to the members and guests present, followed by awarding members of honour of ASTRU Cluj – the ones that founded the association as well as people who supported and encouraged us through their efforts and commitment towards the activities carried out during the years. Fr. Radu Talpalariu, the general spiritual assistant was the one closing the first part of the morning, followed by some short videos made by our members expressing their wish for ASTRU’s future.
After each member of honour, when receiving the diploma, have said few words about what ASTRU means or meant for them when being active in the association, at noon we all entered the chapel to participate in the Holy Mass celebrated by the bishop and the spiritual assistants of the parish groups.

The second part of the day consisted of the statutory part, the main points on the agenda being the evaluation of the statutes, adoption of the budget for the coming year and elections for the next mandate. In this purpose, the newly elected board has broaden in number of members, since the structure of the organization has changed as well, and the number of members is increasing each year. Therefore there have been elected seven members in the new board, three of them going on with another mandate and another four members are ready to commit for the the next two years for the well-going of the organization. The newly elected board for the next 2 years mandate is composed by one president: Raluca Fernea, 4 vice-presidents: Bogdan Bursas, Laura Sopon, Mihaela Sopon and Renata Talos, one secretary: Mihaela Simionas and the financial manager: Delia Dumitras.

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