Inspiration on Active Citizenship

Dear Friends,

As you might have heard (or not), we had our Transmission of Memory meeting these last two days and it went really well! At the end of the meeting, we started to talk about the Training Session “Equipping Young People for the Responsibilities of Tomorrow’s Europe” that is going to take place in Peltre, France from the 2nd to the 9th March 2013 (co-financed by the European Youth Foundation).

When we approached its topics, it originated a big discussion on what “Active Citizenship” really means… To see how problematic it was, here are some examples that each of us gave:

  • In a new neighborhood, three young couples begin an association that raises money to rent appropriate rooms and employs two pedagogically trained students to form a Kindergarten (due to the fact that the city council decided against its construction).
  • Protesting against oppression and/or unfairness in politics or organizing a strike.
  • A Catholic Priest that fundraises money to grant free education to young Muslims (that are a part of an immigrant community in Germany).
  • Being responsible for your environment, for example a family that decides to collect the many leaves left on the boardwalk in their neighborhood.
  • Voting in blank or “white vote” as a statement on the system.
  • Starting a campaign based on key values and priorities in politics to manifest against the existing political parties.
  • Raising a petition against the closing of primary schools in the least developed part of the country.
  • A Forum of local students organizations that discusses social politics and come up with a resolution to present in the Parliament or to certain Committees focused on social justice.


Let’s just say that we didn’t reach a conclusion on the subject. Nonetheless, we wanted to share this reflection we had with you, also to see if any of you could help to find an answer.


With best regards and hopes of a wonderful Christmas Hollydays,

In the Peace of Jesus Christ,

The European Team,

Max, Laura, Roma, Nuno, Sergio and Father Markus.

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