Study Session

List of participants for the Study Session

We have the honor to publish the final list of participants for the Study Session “Looking at Immigration Through Human Rights Perspective”, which is taking place from 15-22 November 2009 in the European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France.

The Training Team composed by Mihai Floran (Course Director), Loucille Alcala, Mehul Dabhi and Alexandrina Kiss (trainers) would like to thank all the applicants and hopes to meet all the participants in 15 November 2009 in Strasbourg.

The Study Session “Looking at Immigration Through Human Rights Perspective”, aims to raise awareness and understanding of the responsibilities that students as Christians have in relation to human rights. It also aims to see the migration in the eyes of the human rights and to take an active role as human rights educators in their own milieu.

Download documents:
+ SS2009-Participants (.pdf)
+ SS2009-ParticipantsFile (.doc)
+ SS2009-Timetable (.pdf)

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