Study Session

The Study Session is about to start

The Study Session Study Session “Looking at Immigration Through Human Rights Perspective”, which is taking place from 15-22 November 2009 in the European Youth Centre, Strasbourg, France is about to start tommorow morning.

There are 18 participants from 10 countries from Europe, but also from Africa, Asia, Middle East and Latin America attending. Each day the Documentation Committee is going to publish from the Study Session the latest information and the conclusions of the days. It is expected to be published an official statement of the students on Friday evening.

The Training Team is composed by Mihai Floran (Course Director), Loucille Alcala, Mehul Dabhi and Alexandrina Kiss (trainers) as well as Maria Koutatzi (Educational Adivsor).

The Study Session “Looking at Immigration Through Human Rights Perspective”, aims to raise awareness and understanding of the responsibilities that students as Christians have in relation to human rights. It also aims to see the migration in the eyes of the human rights and to take an active role as human rights educators in their own milieu.

The objectives are following:

  • to deepen the different approaches to Human Rights and the mechanisms for their protection
  • to understand the reality of student immigration in Europe
  • to analyse the different realities in the societies where participants are coming from and identify different forms of violation of Human rights regarding immigration such as intolerance, discrimination, disrespect, xenophobia
  • to facilitate participants to find their individual approach to the Human Rights
  • to reflect and identify the responsibilities that Christian Students have and their key roles as important agents in promoting and protecting Human Rights.
  • to promote Intercultural Learning among participants

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