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Obnova’s Request for Support

Dear friends of the European Coordination JECI-MIEC,

dear supporters of Human Rights and democracy,

today we ask you for support in prayer for our members of the Ukrainian Catholic Federation “Obnova” as well as for all citizens of Ukraine.

The leadership of the Federation “Obnova” has chosen to support the Ukrainian Euro-Integration as you can read in the following letter calling for support from our entire membership (link with the letter). For a position of our member organization JEC France please refer to their article.

This support is followed-up with by “Obnova” even after the decision of the Ukrainian President Victor Yanuskovych to dismiss a potential Ukrainian Europe pact. Many “Obnovians” express their support through solidarity with all peaceful protesters.

Regardless of what position one individually wants to take as it regards the question of the Euro-Integration of Ukraine, unjustified violence applied by police-forces against peaceful protesters is in our view unbearable.

That is why we call upon you to join in prayer for all peaceful protesters, the authorities as well as decision-makers in Ukraine and especially for our member organization “Obnova”.

If you want to take action, some members of “Obnova” ask you to take into consideration this petition.

The European Team will continue to be in touch with the leadership of “Obnova” in these hard times for the Federation as well as for the country and will keep you updated about relevant developments.

In solidarity,

European Team 2013

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