Study Session 2015

Preparatory meeting for the Study Session 2015

Between 30th-31st October 2014, took place the preparatory meeting of the Study Session “’Digital Natives’ Advocating For Human Rights” in the European Youth Center of Budapest, Hungary. The study Session is organized by JECI-MIEC European Coordination in collaboration with the Council of Europe and will take place 22nd-28th February 2015.

The preparatory team consisting of Jacques Neyens, Michele Giovanardi, Mihaela Sopon and Simon Fischer received help and support from the Council of Europe’s educational advisor, Zora Csalagovits, who joined all the way through. Menno Ettema, educational advisor himself joined us as well in order to get acquainted to one another and prepare for the work that will be done in February.

The sessions have been split, the timetable and tasks have been aproached and the team is ready to prepare the activities in order that the Human Rights be advocated for as they deserve to, as us Christians should defend them, of course, using the media tools at hand. We look forward to also meet our experts and to the interventions of the Council of Europe in this regard.

The weather treated us nicely and allowed us to visit as well a small corner of the city. It looks promising.

See you all in Budapest!

Kind regards,

The preparatory team


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