Transmission of Memory 2014

From the 12th to the 15th of December the European Teams 2014 and 2015 met in Cologne for the Transmission of Memories and had their meeting at the office of KHG Cologne. At this meeting took part Maximilian Niessen (outgoing European Coordinator), Fr. Markus Wasserfuhr(Spiritual Assistant), Eirini Freri(ET 2014), Romana Mysula(ET 2014/2015), Simon Fischer(European Coordinator), Jacques Neyens(ET 2015), Mihaela Sopon(ET2015), Clement Maury(ET 2015) and Jan Szypuslki(Highschool Expert).

The meeting started at the evening of the 12th when all the team members arrived and had a dinner and an exchange of gifts. The official part started on the 13th with a spiritual impulse and the update of the current Situation. Thanks to Simon Fischer all the discussion were interactive and more productive. At the afternoon Johan Vanhove and then every member wrote in some papers the expectations towards the work of the Team and the European Coordinator and in the evening they visited the board of AKH in Bonn.


The 14th kicked off with a morning prayer and the rest of the day was dedicated to the new Team. The responsibilities were distributed and the new team members had the chance to learn their new duties with the help of the old team members. During the evening, the two teams attended the Sunday mass celebrated by Fr. Markus together with the local students and then the evening and the meeting closed with some team building games for the new team.

We thank the European team 2014 for all the work that is had done and we wish the European team 2015 a great and fruitful mandate!


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